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World Social Work Day 2019

Today is World Social Work Day 2019 #WSWD19, a day to celebrate the amazing work that Social Workers do throughout the UK and the rest of the world.


This year's theme is 'Promoting the importance of human relationships', and if human relationships are important in any career, it is certainly social work!

Whether you work in UASC, Fostering, MASH or Adult Social Care, building strong and trusting relationships with your service users is paramount to a successful outcome for all. 

We asked some of our valued Social Workers why they love being in social care, see their inspiring and honest answers below...

“I love the challenges of working with a wide variety of service users.”

“I love supporting change, working with people and contact learning.”

“I love to see the difference from the beginning to the end.”

“We cover every aspect of people's lives, we advocate, we gate stop, we empower, we support, assist, guide, council, provide, we are a change agent.”

 “I like helping people to make a difference in their life against all the odds. Nothing is impossible!”

 “I love the kids!”

“You can see the difference in people's lives after your intervention.”

 “I believe parents can change and be better at parenting - because children deserve the very best - I have the skills to help them and support them in their journey.”

“I enjoy working with people and get a sense of achievement when I can help someone.”

“I have a passion for making it happen for people I support and bring change in their lives.”

“I love seeing the positive future which children could have and helping them get there… with their parents or a new family.”

“I love to help vulnerable people, to make a difference in people's lives, to see the smile on people's faces.”

“The children we work with need us so much, even when they don't want us!”

“To make the life of others easier… if not better.”

“because…of that one life I saved!”

“Each day is a different day!”

“I want to be a professional who uses scientific knowledge to solve social issues and reconcile the subject with society. And because of my empathy to support the bereaved.”

“I provide support to vulnerable service users - job satisfaction.”

“I like working with children and families.”

“I love to support people with getting the best help they need. To empower service users. To make people feel they are part of a community, especially the one they reside in. Also, to work with children, families and carers alike so as to give them the appropriate assessment and work towards fulfilling their required needs.”

“It is the best job - it gives you real opportunities to support and enable and help all members of your community to really thrive and succeed - By being in the best profession I enjoy my job every day it brings welcome opportunities to learn, share and make positive changes. The young people I have the honour and privilege to look after tell me every day that I make the difference by being committed to them as individuals. I know that by being the change I want to see I can really make a difference. To show people they are cared for and cared about. There is NO OTHER JOB that gives you the chance to truly make a difference!”

“I believe in social justice and a fairer society.”

“I like helping people and promoting social justice.”

Is social care an industry you could see yourself working in? Or are you looking for a new social care challenge? Contact one of our specialist consultants who can discuss career opportunities with you. 

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