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Why use a recruitment agency? – Employer Benefits

Are you a business that’s struggling for time to find and hire employees? Using a recruitment agency has many benefits. We’ve outlined just a few for you...

  • You’ll save a lot of valuable time that could be spent doing other tasks. Just a few of the employment stages include:

                       o   Advertising the role

                       o   Sifting through CVs

                       o   Shortlisting candidates

                       o   Arranging and conducting interviews

                       o   Compliance checks such as a DBS 

By going through an agency, we already have candidates registered, compliant and ready to start work. If we don’t have a suitable candidate already on our books we’ll source these candidates and use our experience and knowledge to find the perfect employee. We’ll also deal with the endless paperwork our end!


  • We have access to the best, most qualified candidates! We take the time to really get to know our candidates and anyone registering with us, ensuring we meet everyone face to face and follow the compliance checks in place to identify the most talented candidates we can offer. We also have access to passive candidates that may not necessarily be actively looking on job boards, but may be interested in hearing about opportunities.


  • We’ve already built a relationship with the candidate so we can give you an overview of their experience, qualifications and personality before you meet them, so you are prepared when you do. This means we can also negotiate salary and the role to suit your company needs. Hopefully, once you have used one of our excellent candidates, you’ll want to use us again, meaning you’ll save time next time around when you know who to go to straight away!


  • You will be dealing with experienced consultants that are specialists in what they do. We have market expertise and know our target audience. We have access to the best job boards, know where to look for relevant, qualified candidates and when the best time to contact people is. We can also offer industry insight; we already have the local recruitment knowledge and know the do’s and don’ts when it comes to hiring.


  • We can offer you a 24/7 on call service. If you urgently need a care worker on a Saturday but the office is closed, you can ring us out of hours and we’ll source a candidate for you. It’s always difficult to find a candidate that’s willing to work short notice, but we have already planned ahead and have a list of available people that are ready to work.


If you’d like further information on working with us and to find out what else we can offer, give us a call. We look forward to hearing from you!

Amee Humphreys

Senior Recruitment Consultant

Specialisms: Social & Healthcare Non Qualified Interpreters & Translation

Tel: 01622 237037

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