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Tips For Managing Mental Health in Lockdown

As this week marked the beginning of Mental Health Awareness Week, we asked a few of our Mental Health professionals for tips on ways to focus on your Mental Health during this difficult lockdown period. 

We received some really useful tips from one of our Mental Health Social Workers who works in the 18+ Care Leavers Team based in Dover. 

See these tips below; 

  • Consider how to connect with others: Maintaining relationships with people you trust is important for your mental wellbeing

  • Help and support others: Helping others could make a big difference to them and make you feel better too. 

  • Talk about your worries: This is a difficult time for everyone and sharing how you are feeling and the things you are doing to cope with family and friends can help.

  • Look after your physical wellbeing: Your physical health can have a big impact on how you’re feeling. Try to eat healthy, well-balanced meals, drink enough water, exercise inside where possible or outside once a day. 

  • Look after your sleep: Try to maintain regular sleeping patterns and keep good sleep practices – like avoiding screens before bed, cutting back on caffeine and creating a restful environment.

  • Try to manage difficult feelings: Focus on the things you can control, including where you get information from, and take actions to make yourself feel prepared. 

  • Manage your media and information intake: 24/7 news and social media can make you more worried. If you find this is affecting you, try to limit the amount of time you spend keeping up with what’s going on.

  • Do things you enjoy: Focussing on your favourite hobby, learning something new or simply taking time to relax indoors should give you some relief from anxious thoughts and feelings and can boost your mood.

Luke Boatman

Recruitment Consultant

Specialisms: Social & Healthcare Qualified

Tel: 01622 236677

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