Writing the perfect CV

As a Recruitment Resourcer, it’s my job to source candidate CVs suited to our admin roles.  I was once someone who didn’t know how to write a good CV, but as you can imagine, working in recruitment has taught me heaps!

So that’s why I wanted to share my knowledge on how to create a professional CV  – remember, your CV is the first impression an employer gets of you and lies between you and your dream job!

Here are some questions I get asked frequently:

What information shall I put on my CV?
How should I lay out my CV?
How do I tailor my CV?

So let's take a look at them...

“What information shall I put on my CV?”

It’s simple really – A good CV = An interview request.

You may have heard the myth your CV needs to fit on 1 page only – IT’S NOT TRUE!! The experience you have is what they are looking for; some roles are more technical than others so require more detail.

It can be difficult knowing what information to put on your CV. You may have not been in employment previously or may have just come out of education. But don’t let that stop you from making your CV great. It is important to list all your experience, even if this is voluntary, as well as qualifications, training, hobbies and clubs.

For those who have previous work history, always update your CV, adding your job title, dates worked, place of work and DON’T forget to add your duties carried out in detail so that a recruiter can get a better understanding of your experience.

A summary or ‘personal statement’ on your CV is also essential, this is an introduction for the employer, stating your credentials in terms of qualifications, experience and expertise relevant to the role. This should also state what you hope to get out of a new role and aspirations for the future.

“How should I lay out my CV?”

The layout of your CV is key as it is the first thing a potential employer sees. The main things to consider are style of text, layout, grammar, punctuation and content.

  • Select a suitable font, colour and text size such as Calibri, in black and size 12 points. Other fonts to consider are Times New Roman, Arial and Tahoma.
  • Underline headers and titles and making them bold- this makes your CV easier to follow as it outlines what you’re going onto next.
  • Make sure all of your sentences and wording are lined up (justify tool) and your paragraphs are organised with spacing in between. I would recommend using page margin as “normal” or ”moderate” and a gap of 1 line between each section.
  • A photo of yourself on your CV is not necessary.


According to an online survey, unsuitable email addresses was listed as the first reason for CV rejection and second was spelling and grammar - I can not stress enough how important it is to go back and spell check your CV, as this shows good attention to detail!

The third rejection reason listed was candidate pictures on a CV - unless your role requires a photo, such as modelling or acting, then it is not necessary.

And most importantly, remember to add your personal details! - a contact number, email address and a town of where you live so a potential employer can get in contact with you if they are interested in speaking to you.

“How should I tailor my CV?”

Something to consider when creating a CV is tailoring it to the role that you are applying for. If you are applying for a role that requires a specific skill set or background, amend your CV in a way that is highlighting the information relevant to that role. There is nothing more obvious than a general ‘spray & pray’ CV application!

As an example, if you have experience in Care, Retail and Admin but the role that you are applying for is an Administration Assistant, emphasise your past Admin roles. This could mean having 3 different CVs for 3 different job types – but that’s not a problem!

I‘d also recommend adding key points from the job description/person specification to your CV which are relevant to the role that your applying for - if the role requires others skills that you have, remember to put these on your CV too.

If you are someone who has experience or looking for a career in Business Office Admin then please contact me on 01622 236768 or email hollie.furby@connect2kent.co.uk for a chat! 



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