Top 8 reasons to learn another language

Top eight reasons to learn another language...

There are many reasons to learn another language and below I have outlined my top eight.  More than half of the world speaks more than one language and the number of people learning different languages is constantly growing. Without a doubt, the main reason many people speak several languages is because of their heritage and where they come from. And did you know, it is also said that bilingualism can help to ward off the mental ageing process! This means it’s never too late to learn a second, or even third, language.

  1. Expanding your social group and being able to communicate with more people

A great reason to learn another language is the ability to communicate with a lot more people, therefore expanding your social network and maybe even your love life – who knows! 

Speaking another language can help build relationships with people who before, you may not have been able to communicate with. Why not think about attending an evening language class or offer someone a service in return for them teaching you a new language.

You will be able to meet new people and make more friends and that in itself is a positive reason to learn a new language!

  1. Going on holiday

We all know the struggle of going abroad and not being able to understand and speak the same language as the locals…

Wouldn’t it be nice to go into a restaurant and order your food without any confusion or repetition? Speaking the native language would also show a respect for their culture as other tourists may just expect them to speak English.  It will also allow you to read signs and leaflets, meaning you can venture out further on your travels!

  1. More job opportunities

Being able to speak a different language will open up a host of new doors, not just in your social life, but also in your professional life. You will have more jobs available to you, such as interpreting and translating. The translation and interpreting market is currently experiencing skills shortages, meaning candidates like you would be in high demand and be rewarded accordingly!

Career progression and promotions could also be on the cards if you speak another language - you will be able to communicate with foreign clients and business partners, travel globally and promote your company worldwide.

  1. Boost your CV

Learning a new language can boost your CV dramatically. When employers see you can speak more than one language, it instantly makes you stand out from the pile of other CVs on their desk. You will have more chance of getting that interview or securing that dream job, than those who only speak one language. Knowing another language also demonstrates a wide skill set and adaptability – things a future employee will find very appealing!  

  1. Understanding other cultures and thinking globally

Being able to go to another country and understand their culture has huge value. Whichever language it is that you speak; Chinese, French, Latvian or Arabic, you will be able to start understanding their cultures. Understanding their history will also make you a lot more knowledgeable and again, this will open up a lot of opportunities for you. 

Similarly, you’ll start thinking more globally. Before, you may have just been concerned about your country’s political and economic affairs; however now, you may gain an interest in overseas affairs, enabling you to better understand global events and the impacts of them on different cultures.

  1. New words or expressions

A lot of people are unaware that there are thousands of words in different languages that do not have a direct English translation. These are words or expressions that are unique to that language, that we do not actually have a word for in English.

For example, in German ‘Kummerspeck’ means ‘excess weight gained from emotional overeating.’ Literally, ‘grief bacon’. There is no word for this expression in English meaning you can learn a lot from these new words and expressions!

Here’s another… in Thai the word ’Greng-jai’ means ‘That feeling you get when you don’t want someone to do something for you because it would be a pain for them’. Useful hey?

  1. The ability to learn more languages if you already know how to speak two

If you already know how to speak two languages then it becomes a lot easier to learn more - so why stop at two? Because you already know how to learn a language, the process seems a lot easier when learning more. When learning your first foreign language you will have developed skills, knowledge, techniques and abilities that you didn’t have before and this will transfer to the next language you decide to learn.

Depending on which languages you decide to learn, a lot of languages have the same structure. For example, a lot of European languages have similar words, vocabulary and phrases, making them easier to learn.

  1. The experience

And finally, I believe the best thing about learning a new language is the overall experience! The experience of being able to meet new people, learn about new cultures and history and new words and phrases. Being able to communicate with thousands more people and being able to improve your quality of life and knowledge is a great experience.

So, what are you waiting for?

Amee Humphreys

Senior Recruitment Consultant  
Tel: 01622 237037



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