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The ABC's of Interviews: Part One

Ask – This could be multiple things, but mainly ask questions! And lots of them! It shows you’re engaged and genuinely interested, especially if you’re asking very thought-provoking or important questions about the role. Additionally, it might be asking for an interview in the first place. Asking is usually the first step in any interview process. 

Background – Why is the company hiring? What happened to the last person in this position? How long has this company been advertising this role? Any background information you can get on this interview will be a secret weapon, not just so you can make use of it in the interview itself but by figuring out if the role and/or company is a good fit good for you.  

Contribute – It’s very important to be involved in the interview. In some interviews, you may feel like you’re simply being talked at and not contributing much, and this can be a bad sign. You could become less memorable, and you won’t get to prove yourself as much. The interview is about you after all. 

Dress appropriately – Most interviewers make their judgements about whether the candidate is suited within the first 5 minutes. Presentation, in general, will play a big part in this and therefore the way you are dressed is key to your success. This doesn’t mean you need to wear an expensive suit to every interview, but it’s understanding the company and then dressing the part. 

Engage – Talking for the sake of talking in an interview can do more harm than good but great communication is vital in your interview, particularly if the role you are applying for involves presenting or communication. Engaging your interviewer means you can sneakily talk about yourself more as well as bring them over to your side - charisma can go a very long way. 

Factual – Don’t lie. It seems obvious as a rule in a lot of cases but generally, interviewers do know if you are lying. Saying that you speak fluent French after getting a C in your GCSEs will only bring into question everything else you bring up in the interview or on your CV. The skills that you genuinely obtain and can demonstrate will show your trustworthiness too. 

Go for it! – Don’t hesitate when going for a role as it could pass you by very quickly if you aren’t careful! Just jump right in and you’re bound to get a job soon enough! The worst-case scenario is that you don’t get the role, but you can always apply for another job soon enough.  

Healthy – And by that, we mean do healthy things. Make sure you get plenty of sleep the night before, drink lots of water, and eat a good amount of healthy food. Try to avoid caffeine before your interview too as it can only worsen that anxious feeling. 

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