Ever considered a locum social work position in Maidstone?

Finding the perfect work location, matched with a great team can be hard to find. But we think we might have the answer…

If you’re interested in discussing a locum social work position within Maidstone, contact one of our specialist consultants.

We’ve recently heard from some current locum workers within the Maidstone’s Children’s Social Work Team about why they enjoy working in Maidstone and how it compares to other areas! Have a read…

Testimonial 1

“My very first impression was that Kent is a massive area to cover workwise but was soon relieved to be informed that it was broken down into districts.

I was pleasantly surprised to find out that Maidstone offered a two-day IT training course, in some boroughs I have worked in, you are simply expected to know how to use every IT system. This has always made me nervous as IT is my weakness and I find that if I am unable to use the system, my work suffers. This is due to feeling unsure and unskilled in being able to evidence my work accurately. This was not an issue at Maidstone.

I also came to find that my colleagues are approachable and more than willing to support a “newbie”, this has further made me feel so comfortable to a point that it seems as though I have always worked for Kent even though it has only been 4 months.

Due to such a positive induction, I also support those who are new and ensure that they are also well supported as I was and continue to be.

The demographic lay out of Kent has given me a variety of different cases to work on and enhanced my skills because I was able to work on referral cases as well as long term cases. I must mention that I am extremely pleased with the amount of services that Kent have in place to support families such as Early Help and Adolescent Support Team, to name a few.

I have learnt so much within 4 months at Maidstone and I am grateful for this. I would recommend everyone to apply for jobs in Kent, most especially if they have always worked in London. I continue to enjoy my role and have no plans of moving anytime, unless asked of course!”


Testimonial 2

“I have worked in Kent, within the Maidstone District, for over three months now and have thoroughly enjoyed my experience. Within a week I felt part of the team who were all extremely supportive and welcoming. The atmosphere is warm and friendly within the office and the support from all members of staff and managers is excellent. I have found there are a large range of services and resources which can be accessed, as well as support from a fantastic team of admin who alleviate a lot of pressures and day to day tasks.

At first I was worried about managing duty and long term work however have been pleasantly surprised to find there is a good system in place for the duty rota and the load is shared evenly amongst the teams.

We have weekly team meetings, regular supervision and monthly District meetings which I find important for us to all get together, share resources, training opportunities and discuss any improvements that may be necessary.

As a locum worker I have found I am not at a disadvantage from the permanent workers in Kent. The caseloads are manageable and I am even able to enjoy a lunch and go into town which is a short walk from the office.”


Testimonial 3

“I would say good infrastructure and when traveling from London you are going against the traffic so the commute is manageable. Every Social Worker has allocated parking next to our office which makes getting into and out of the office very straightforward.

Supportive management that are approachable and willing to listen. Walking distance to Maidstone town centre with cafes, restaurants, banks and shops.

Regular team meetings, supervision and a manageable caseload. A friendly and welcoming local authority that treat locums with respect and equality with permanent members of staff.”

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