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Benefits of being a Temporary Worker

I cover a temporary desk at Connect2Kent recruiting staff into the public sector for Business Office Admin, Education, Logistic and Domestic roles.  With over 100 temporary workers out to work, we work closely with our candidates and clients to ensure both are receiving a good quality recruitment experience.

One thing I hear a lot from candidates is that “temporary work has no security” or “I’m looking for permanent work”.  Although this is what may work for some people, there are many advantages of working on a temporary basis, these include:

Flexibility – With temporary work you are able to fit your job around your life. Temping is ideal for people who are restricted by time constraints, including parents with young children and students with time off.

You still have workers’ rights – Just because you are a temporary worker, you still have rights including regular pay, holiday & statutory sick pay and pension schemes. You are also entitled to the same quality of working conditions as permanent workers and access to internal Intranets so you are able to apply for any internal roles that may be of interest.

Opportunities – Temporary positions are often a good stepping stone to develop career wise. Temporary work can often be short-term meaning you are able to progress your career faster than if you were in a permanent position.  

Building on your skills - Temporary positions can be short-term but this can be a perfect way to learn new skills. Many companies use in-house systems and databases to record information so if you do some temporary work in different companies, you have the opportunity to adapt to new surroundings, systems and databases and to learn new processes.

Experience – As a recruiter, when CV searching for particular roles experience is what stands out. If you have worked on a variety of assignments in different companies and gained a range of experiences, your CV instantly becomes more striking.

Tip – Remember to keep your CV consistent and easy to read. There is a lot of speculation that less is more on a CV, this is not always the case, make sure all experience is stated. Try bullet points.

It’s not what you know, it’s who you know – If you work on a number of different assignments through different companies, you may gain contacts through your work, which may benefit you in finding work in the future.

Competition – When applying for permanent vacancies there is often a lot of competition and lots of applicants going for the same role. When applying for temp vacancies, there are only usually a handful of shortlisted candidates which means there is a higher chance of being successful and getting the job.  

We qualify all our candidates, prior to sending a CV, to ensure you feel the role is right for you.

What do I want to do? – Temporary work can give you the insight into trying new things. You may not know which career path is right for you, but with temp work you are able to try new directions and find which career suits you best.  

Training – Thorough training is often provided to temporary members of staff. This can prove beneficial when applying for future roles.

You may gain skills that you never thought you would get the chance of learning

Temp to Perm – if permanent work is what you’re looking for then great, as a lot of temporary roles often lead to permanent positions.

Security – Working in temporary roles through an agency allows you to build a strong relationship with your consultant. This means they will be aware when your assignments are due to end and can ensure new roles are lined up to place you in to.

If temporary work is something you would be interested in, please call today on 01622 237082 to register and discuss current opportunities. 

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