Information for Suppliers

At Connect2Kent we invite you to apply to our open Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) of Temporary Worker Agencies and Interim Contractors/Consultants. Suppliers may join the DPS at any point during its validity provided key satisfaction requirements are met, and none of the grounds for exclusion apply.

Connect2Kent Requires each of its suppliers to meet the highest standards. Our Requirements as set out in the DPS include a commitment to rigorous quality assurance. At Connect2Kent we value suppliers who know the importance of making and meeting commitments and delivery of the highest standards.

To register your interest and submit an application to be part of the DPS, click on the link provided. If at any point you are asked to enter an access code, please enter 2CY9Q756Z5. You will be directed to the Commercial Services group e-sourcing page, select “Search Opportunities” and select the opportunity that you are interested in. Should you wish to proceed, please click on the link under “To respond to this opportunity, please click here”. The Delta eSourcing portal also operates a helpdesk that can be contacted on 08009239236

Once your application is successful, and you have submitted any supporting documentation that is required, we will commence the onboarding process ensuring full compliance prior to joining our third-party supply chain.